Cannabis topping guide: How to top your plants?

Topping is a technique of training cannabis plants in which the top stem is removed. This method helps you to produce more colas and stretch the plant out so that it can get all of the sun. Topping may help you grow more marijuana.

Each stem will sprout from one of the two remaining growth points. During the blooming stage, each stem might develop into a bud/cola. By topping the plant once or twice, you may increase the number of sites beneath the grow lights. It also aids in keeping the plant flat.

All plant training techniques are designed to help farmers achieve a better form and higher yields while maintaining other characteristics of the grow. Cannabis plants do not develop organically in an indoor setting that makes extensive use of grow lights. This is why cannabis plants may develop naturally.

When to top cannabis plants really depends on the grower’s preference. For instance, some growers prefer to top their plants when they are still in the vegetative stage, while others wait until they are in the flowering stage

Topping is the process of eliminating or injuring top growth in order to disclose hidden growth tips and tell plants to begin pouring energy into them. Topping increases the plant’s energy to concentrate on growing several colas rather than just one.

If they are exposed to light and air, they will develop quicker. They may, however, become new colas if the primary cola is removed. After the plant has been topped, these growth points are visible. To make it easier to notice the new colas, the fan leaves have been removed.

In this case, a plant was topped after it had developed 8 nodes. Although it may not provide the same effects as if it had been topped earlier, it will increase the number of colas and boost yields.

How to grow a cannabis plant?

You top your cannabis plant by removing a developing node from it. This immediately lowers the height. This is particularly helpful if your marijuana plant has grown too tall. You may also boost the number of colas in your plant, which will result in more buds when harvested.

Top your marijuana plant while it is young and has at least 4-5 leaf nodes (sets). You could attempt it early, but you risk accidentally damaging your plant.

Topping the marijuana plant means removing the new node from the main cola of your marijuana plant, allowing it to divide into two. Topping may also refer to the removal of the tip of any stem.

Just above the next set of leaves is the perfect spot to top

Your plant’s energy will subsequently be transferred to the new major colas, which are shown by the yellow dots in the figure.

These two novel colas may be used to form an easily bent and widely dispersed v. These two fresh colas may be supplemented with another couple of weeks to produce a total of four colas. You may double this recipe to produce 8 colas from a single “manifold.”

Another advantage of topping is that the plant becomes bushier, as a result, dispersing its energy more equally throughout the plant.

Lower branches often grow into primary colas. Topping may be coupled with lst to open up the plant and let more light reach the bottom branches.

It is feasible to reduce the height of a very tall plant, but this would result in the plant losing all of its growth. Top your plant early in its life to produce flexible colas without sacrificing vegetative periods.

If your plants are still in the vegetative stage (not blossoming), you may top them right away to minimize their height. This will shorten the time necessary to generate the additional growth, which may lengthen the veg stage.