Differences Between CBDA And CBD

CBDA can be used as a precursor for CBD. Heating CBDA or Raw CBD can create. Although research in CBDA is much more advanced than that in CBD, it is clear that there are some commonalities.


Both are non-psychoactive and users will not get high or stoned. This is because CBDA does not interact directly with our Endocannabinoid Receptors.


CBD, CBDA may cause their signature effects by activating the 5-HT1A serotonin receivers. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in controlling our moods, sleep, and anxiety.

CBD is found in many health supplements due to its versatility and the fact that it has been extensively researched more than CBDA.

CBDA Research

CBDA, while still in its early stages of research, shows as much promise, if not greater, than CBD. One study showed that CBDA has antidepressant properties in rats, even though it is 10 to 100 times less than CBD.

This is because of CBDA’s relation with serotonin regulators. CBDA has been further investigated as an anti-nausea drug. One study found CBDA to be more effective in reducing nausea than CBD.

What Are The Potential Benefits?

CBDA and other acids cannabinoids have not been considered pharmacologically active. This is why cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are studied more than CBDA. They don’t have the same effect on the ECS as their decarboxylated counterparts. Research has largely focused on CBHT0_ and CBDA.

Latest Cbda Research

Recent research has shown that raw CBDA oils have their unique potential. One study found that CBDA could be an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

In this study, CBDA was shown to be more effective than THC in blocking COX-2. This enzyme is produced when inflammation occurs. Inhibiting COX-2, the acidic component in CBDA is a key factor.

Another study showed that CBDA was 1000 times more effective than CBD in anti-anxiety and nausea effects. In a study of animal models, CBDA showed “significantly higher potency at inhibiting nausea in rats and vomiting in shrews” than CBD.

CBDA seems to offer most of the same benefits CBD users are looking for, including anti-anxiety properties, and many others.

Is CBDA Better Than CBD?

It’s too early to tell until there is solid evidence from human testing. Raw CBD oil may have unique properties that don’t, which makes it an option for other treatments.

CBDA has the potential to be an anticonvulsant. It may also have antibacterial and antioxidant and potentially cancer-preventing properties (specifically, breast cancer). While “better” may not be an easy judgment, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that CBDA has the unique qualities that could set it apart in certain areas from CBD.


CBDA has its unique potential in the growing cannabis industry. Although research on CBDA’s potential remains in its early stages, there is enough evidence to give scientists and supplement users great hope.

CBDA is another option for those who want to expand their health and wellness program. CBDA has no known risks and is not subject to any potential dangers (such as drug testing by your company).

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